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Voldo is a demi-god, the lord of torment and mental torture. His most historic deeds that are currently known to Arcanis are those within the Voldo Arc and the takeover of The Cabal along with Ryu Phoenix. His most loyal worshippers are Ryu Phoenix, The Forsaken and previously The Cabal. He has since had his essence drained by Maze Dimilas, and was assumed to have died.

Character outline[]

Voldo's appearance is fitting for his title as the demi-god of torment. His appearance is that of a large humanoid, measuring around 12" in his avatar state, though he has been known to use different forms when the occasion calls for it. Most of his body is wrapped with bandages and chains, most of which are grafted to the flesh underneath. What little you can see under the wrappings, is his mouth, which has no lips and when open bears the appearance of a gaping maw, with many rows of small razor sharp teeth. The small parts of skin you can see, are rotting and charred, a putrid dead color. His hands are dead and charred like the rest of his visible body, and he has long razor sharp claws on the end of each finger.

His personality is the strangest part about him, for it changes drastically when he is either docile, or in a rage, both of which he is in at random times with no explanation. In his docile state, he is menacing and growls threateningly if provoked in any way, and talks with a dark cruel voice that carries across the area. In a state of rage he thrashes around, as though attempting to free himself of the chains and bandages that bind him. His speech turns into screams, ones that drill into the minds of those that hear them. With his presence, he can send a chill to the bone marrow of those that are near.


Voldo's origins have not been revealed so far, as Ryu rarely shares the details of his master, nor has Voldo been frequently seen in the open. At some point in time, Ryu became the living vessel for the god to bind his presence to the physical plane. It has been revealed that Ryu did not serve Voldo on his own free will, and in actuality hated him.


Voldo's abilities are unknown, though he is capable of providing extra abilities and power for his vessel, such as the ones seen in Ryu Phoenix. Known abilities he has given to Ryu are the ability to sprout extra limbs, the ability to regenerate at alarming rates and the ability to taint a willing target's soul with Voldo's mark, giving the vessel and Voldo the ability to manipulate or destroy the soul at will, so long as they have enough power and can reach the target mana-wise. (See Ryu Phoenix for more)

It has been hinted that he specialized in causing torment through mind damaging abilities. He was also known to use abilities that affected the soul.


  • Voldo is based mainly off the Soul Caliber character Voldo, who's name and appearance were used as the beginnings of the character by the owner.