Toutenism is the name of a religion based on the worship of a large selection of gods, while following a strict set of commandments.

The name of the religion is based upon its founder, Touten.


Shown by the actions of its most well known follower, Daemon Metzger, Toutenism is a fairly brutal religion. It seems that the basis for worship is to battle and slay those who don't worship the religion. Each worshipper, known as a 'brother', chooses a god or even multiple gods out of the many available.

The most notable thing shown so far is the strict following of a set of commandments, laid down by Touten himself.


So far the commandments are mostly unknown, but it has been revealed that the use of rituals seem to take a major role in the matter.

  • (You can see a list of the known commandments here)


To enter the religion, you must perform the initiation ritual. First, you must kill any creature, the more powerful this creature is the greater your chance of acceptance. After this has been achieved, you must cast the initiation ritual using the Scroll of Offering, which will use the corpse of your kill to drape you in your religious garbs and bless you with the 8 rings worn by all members. Doing so will also establish a mental link between oneself and the gods of toutenism, including Touten himself.

Once this has been achieved, you must then choose a god to favor. Someone without a god to worship is known by toutenists to be "lost in the faith".

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