Ryu Phoenix is a summoner that has graduated from the Academy of Magic. One of the strongest summoners in the Academy of Magic, he was also one of the first graduates. He used to be the servant and vessel of the demi-god Voldo, member of the sinister Forsaken and leader of The Cabal. However all of this has changed (Aside from still being leader of the Cabal, he has since changed it into a much less evil sect, and into a more orderly nation) since Maze had killed Voldo. Losing his position as servant and vessel, his appearance and personality changed, to a completely different person.

Character outlineEdit

As Voldo's VesselEdit

Ryu is fairly ordinary in terms of clothing, donning a simple black robe that covers most of his body. However, his overall appearance is not so normal: his hair is greying and is almost a near dead color, even though he is young; he is unusually tall, measuring well past six feet; and furthermore his eyes are dark and slit-like, giving him a sinister stare. He also keeps a wide smirk most of the time, which he has only been known to wipe off on rare occasions. He has also been known to have odd regenerative abilities, which seem to be caused by him being a vessel to a demi-god, along with many other strange abilities. As Ryu doesn't display any emotion while speaking; combined with his use of sarcasm, he is distrusted by many, most notably Lowe, whom he has fought in the past, and the Keepers in general for his past actions.


With the abscence of Voldo's mark upon his soul, his appearance and personality reverted to what apparently would be the original Ryu, had Voldo not been fused with him upon birth. His hair is short and a snow white color, and his face is far more gentle and calm, a complete contrast to the cruel and sadistic smirk he was before. It is unknown whether this is a guise, or his true nature. The new Ryu has shown to be calm, gentle, caring and not the sadistic bastard he used to be. He wears casual clothing with always varies, though usually being lighter colors than his previous black robes. He has been revealed as being polyamorous, having sexual relationships with both Miku Yamada and Aaliyana, who both seem to idolize him and trust him completely. One thing to note is that he views sex as being something simply to pass the time, much like Miku. This apparently is being passed on to Aaliyana.


Not much is known about Ryu's prior history, except that he served as the vessel for the demi-god of torment Voldo, the decision being made before his birth and therefore against his will. His homeland was a plane called Focturna, where evil radiates and The Forsaken resides. It was revealed that the Ryu most people have known until now was simply Voldo's manipulation on all of his aspects, making him a far different person, and removing his freewill. He apparently had no choice but to serve Voldo, even though he despised him in actuality.


Ryu is a powerful summoner, his primary colors being Black and White, and his secondary being Blue. His hand-to-hand combat abilities are only defensive, and almost always require the aid of his mana. The opposite of his close-combat abilities however, is his superior control over mana and spell casting, having one of the most powerful casting abilities of Arcanis, rivalling resident summoner Yoketa. Although he has lost Voldo, apparently it only affected his regenerative abilities, and unaffected his power as a summoner.

Focusing primarily on complex spells and combinations, Ryu's most infamous tactic is the use of the artifact Blasting Station, which was once utilized as a superweapon during his reign as the lord of The Cabal.


  • Ryu's old design was based off the character Ichimaru Gin, from anime and manga series Bleach, which the owner has been a fan of.
  • Ryu's new design is based off Fye D. Florite of the anime Tsubasa Chronicle, with a few differences.