This article concerns Miku Yamada's future timeline counterpart.

Miku Yamada, also spoken as Yamada Miku, is a substitute teacher for the White Class. Her current age and history are unknown to most others.


Miku looks to be a very young girl in her mid teens. Her snow white hair is shoulder length and very fair, as is her skin. She looks quite innocent and hardly at all like the powerful teacher that she is.

Her clothing is generally quite fashionable and diverse, having worn a gothic lolita outfit on one day and then a very intricate white dress the next. She generally wears a ribbon in her hair, though sometimes wears her hair in pigtails.


Miku's personality is also rather mysterious, although seemingly harmless. She is very friendly, alarmingly so, and unlike the other teachers generally considers herself equal with her students. She seems very innocent, though apparently is very intelligent and powerful, as demonstrated in her classes.



She has not yet been shown interacting with or even mentioning the other teachers, and has only indirectly mentioned the teacher she is substituting for. Her relationship with the other teachers is currently unknown for that reason.


Her relationship with her students has been shown so far as very friendly. She treats her students much like friends and seems to believe them equal to herself and everyone else.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Her true powers have not been shown so far. Her only abilities having been seen are an abnormal casting speed and master use of white magic. She also seems to have some ability in black magic, as displayed in class. She has also been seen using a form of teleportation where she clicks her shoes together to disappear.


Before the AcademyEdit

Miku was a completely different person in the past AoM, and it is unknown what links her two selves together.

First White ClassEdit

Her first appearance was during the first class for White students, in which she assigned them tasks based on repelling and destroying black magic. She displayed her own high level abilities to the class in the process, as well as her friendly nature.


  • Miku's act of teleporting is similar to the magic shoes of Dorothy Gale from the Wizard of Oz.