Miku Yamada (Yamada Miku when spoken using her name's japanese origin) (born 11 BCA) is a vice-general under the service of Ryu Phoenix. She is the youngest of Ryu's followers and also a powerful summoner, though not near the levels of the top people of Arcanis.

Character OutlineEdit

Miku is a bit under the average height of her age, and has platinum colored shoulder-length hair, one of her most noticable features. She wears a purple kimino with Sakura petal printings most of the time, with a pink Obi, and occasionally wears a ribbon in her hair. Her personality is far more mature than her age, and possibly some of the older students of the Academy of Magic, often cynical and short tempered. She often treats people with less maturity or intelligence as children, even though she is still rather young herself. She is highly intelligent and considered to be a prodigy by her peers, though not on the levels of intelligence of such people like Yoketa or Charles Wainscott, and is skilled in both magic and combat.

By evidence IC through her clothing, and more evidence OOC from the owner of the character, it is most likely that Miku has a costume fetish. She also enjoys reading erotic literature.


Miku's history has not yet been revealed, though she joined the Cabal when Ryu was in command, though the reason has not yet been revealed.


Miku is a spell caster, skilled in both close combat and ranged spell casting. She utilizes blue, red and black mana, and uses a large scythe with is as large as she is in combat. She is agile and quick, using speed and dexterity to confuse her opponents, along with her spells to defeat them.

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