The following list is of the names of the known Toutenism gods.

List of known godsEdit

  • Jorrg - God of Sacrifice and Rituals (B)
  • Tyrhanhk - God of Blood and Rituals (R/B)
  • Yorggoth - God of Despair (B)
  • Jea'sus - God of the Weird (B/U)
  • Los - God of Heathens (B)
  • Diablo - God of Fear (B)
  • Kharnak - God of Brutality and War (R)
  • Lowpek - God of Intelligence and Goblins (U/R)
  • Worg - God of Undeath (B/G)
  • Minnoroth - God of Rage and Power (R)
  • Y'il'neck - God of War, Death, and Eternal Life (R/B/G)
Colsarius the Faerie, upon becoming a Touenist chose this god of all the ones speaking to him