The following page shows a list of known commandments in the religion of Toutenism, and their descriptions. There is a global set of commandments for all toutenist brothers to follow, as well as each god having its own commandments.

List of Global CommandmentsEdit

Respect the BrotherhoodEdit

No matter what god one worships, they must respect them. Daemon has been known to break this particular commandment several times, mainly because it is not a great offense. To cleanse oneself of this offense if they create it, they must offer their forgiveness to the gods through the Scroll of Offering, or else the damage done will increase.

This seems to remain in effect the opposite direction, as Daemon cursed 'Los when he betrayed the commandments (Though in reality, 'Los is not a god in the religion). 'Los was then titled the "God of Heathens".

Daemon named this particular commandment as "Don't fuck with the gods".

Create Bloodshed/Prevent RenewalEdit

This commandment deals with the main philosophy of the religion, that being "strongest wins". One must always fight his battles directly, regardless of the opponent. There is no distinguishing between targets, for all mortals will die.

Likewise, the prevention of this commandment is a serious infraction, shown by Daemon's hatred of healers and his labelling of indirect combat summoners as "trickster mages".

Daemon labled this commandment as "break the heathens backs".

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