The Godking (Also spelt as God-King, God King or simply King) is a godlike being of immense power, who resides in the Hall of the Mountain King on Avernus.

It appears there are more than one King's, each succeeded by the next. How often these successions occur is unknown. There have only been two different King's revealed so far.

Godking the FirstEdit

The first known Godking was a fairly unknown character, merely mentioned of and barely introduced. He existed during the Past timeline of AoM.


A full description has not been given, but every minor detail revealed so far was done so with almost ridiculously lengthened descriptions. The Godking is very large, apparently musculine. His strength appears to be supreme, rising above even other gods in terms of raw power.


His actual personality is unknown. According to Bruce Kingsley, he is an incredible, powerful man.

Role in AoMEdit

His actual role is indirect, merely influencing Bruce Kingsley's actions. He has only been mentioned of, so far.

Godking the SecondEdit

The second Godking seems to be much more involved with the story, as a plot has already begun, involving him as it's focus. He exists during the Future AoM timeline.


Much like the previous, a full description has not been given, albiet very lengthy explanations to minor details of his form. The tales of his powerful presence seem true, as students from the academy seemed completely influenced in their actions merely from his distant voice.


His personality seems fairly jolly, and rather nostalgic. He seems to believe himself a perfect being of absolute power, which may even be true.

Role in AoMEdit

The second Godking, identity unknown, is directly involved with the Avernus Arc. He talks to the students and tells them of a time he himself was a student of the Academy. During this speech, the students experience several visions and overpowering feelings simply from listening to him.

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