Daemon Metzger is a student of the Academy of Magic. Having come from the plane of Furcht, he is one of the more aggressive students.


Upon arriving at the academy:Edit

Daemon is a fairly tall man slightly above six feet. He has short black hair that spikes out behind his head, along with a short black goatee. His eyes are brown and his skin is white and rough, due to many scars suffered in battle. He is fairly muscular, though because of his scars from battle that give him a rugged and grizzled look, it makes him seem quite ferocious. His attire consists of a long, dark cloak with a red interior and a chin-high collar. Under this cloak he wears loose black pants that use a small piece of rope as a belt, though generally this isn't noticable under his cloak. He usually wears black open-toed shoes. His fingernails are painted black and he usually wears a necklace consisting of small bones threaded together. He also wears eight black rings on each of his fingers.

Since the academy:Edit

Throughout his stay at the academy, he has usually stayed with the same clothes, albiet usually leaving parts of his attire behind. Even though his cloak is damaged in combat frequently, it never remains damaged in his next appearance. This is most likely because of the ritual which created the cloak, which can probably repair it.

He has also gained some minor scars, though most healing caused him to lose the larger ones he would have gained.


Upon arriving at the academy:Edit

Daemon is a follower of a religion known as Toutenism. Those who worship this religion don't necessarily worship a single god, but a large selection of them. What makes these people Toutenists is their following of a large set of commandments. To name each commandment would take a long time, but the general rules is that battle and murder is to be sought after, and that bloodlust is a blessing of god. His personality is incredibly violent. He is somewhat a sadist, taking sincere pleasure in the pain he caused his enemies. His behavior can border on insanity. He is frequently heard shrieking loudly while attacking and laughs maniacally when he kills anyone, even wiping their blood on him in a ritual for the gods he worships.

Outside of battle, he is incredibly foul-mouthed and disrespectful of others. He frequently swears, curses, and complains at allies and opponents alike. He rarely uses manners when speaking, and even then, usually as a form of sarcasm. The only respect he has been known to give anyone is his god, and even then he tends to use their names as insults. However, he has his own deranged sense of morals and ethics. He believes murdering for reasons such as profit to be blasphemous, and he is incredibly religious, albiet following a rather morbid religion. Daemon however has absolutely no moral restraints regarding who he kills. He considers slaughter a religious calling, and often takes considerable pleasure in making his opponents' deaths as painful as possible. He even enjoys the pain and injury he suffers in combat, however outside of it he reacts 'normally' to it.

He couldn't be considered stupid, as he's quite observant in combat. However, his arrogance and bloodthirsty nature makes it difficult for him to focus or make any other strategy aside from 'Kill'. He can be seen as anti social, or rather hateful of others, however he is merely rude and speaks his mind at most all times. All possible compliments to his personality are of course ignored due to his morbid, canibalistic rituals.

Since the academy:Edit

During his time at the academy, he has shown to be prone to misunderstandings, which have now formed what could be considered the basis of his interactions with other characters.



Daemon's habit of ignoring the rules set forth by the school resulted in a rather poor opinion of the former by the teachers. His two colored teachers (Nitara and Los) even go so far as to severely injure him out of simple annoyance. He however has a strange sort of friendship with Alistair, or at least a kind of truce.


Daemon is generally aggressive or negative in his attitudes to the other students, as most all of them conflict with his personality. He has almost killed several of the students, and likewise has been injured in return. He is also prone to misunderstandings, which is what spawned most of his friendships.


Daemon's most notable friend is likely Yuu Wonderful. The two form a rather bizzare relationship, as their cultures and upbringings were polar opposites. His others noticable friends are Colsarius and Willfred Meesart, the former of which has even joined his religion to become another brother in faith.


Daemon has many enemies, the most well known being Paraskeve and Windsor Kiory, whom are both healers and consider Daemon a breaker of the peace. Likewise, Daemon considers the two pacifists pathetic heathens. Another enemy is Nemo Rose, who Daemon tried (and almost succeeded) to kill in the Common Room.

Abilities and PowersEdit

Daemon's skill with mana could be considered average, though his knowledge on the subject is fairly limited due to his upbringing.

His true power comes from his physical and mental abilities. His hand-to-hand combat is above average, and his strength and experience in combat is very high. His use of weapons so far has been displayed as expert.

His most exceptional power so far however is his ability to completely ignore danger and pain, and to charge with an almost insane lack of care into battle. This makes him a very dangerous fighter to anyone that faces him. It is, however, a double-edged sword.


Daemon is a user of Black and Red mana, an ability he believes comes from his religious rituals. He mainly uses his magic for offensive purposes, and has very little utility spells. His knowledge on summoning and mana itself is very limited, but he has displayed an astonishing level of instinct when using and casting magic. He's learnt a great deal since he first arrived, yet is still lacking.

Fighting StyleEdit

His fighting style is almost completely aggressive, defense being a mere afterthought when he is fighting. He has been known to charge directly into battle against hopeless odds, all while screaming and laughing in a maniac manner. His weapon skills are far above average, however, and his lack of concern for his own wellbeing can often break the morale of his opponents.

His use of weapons tends to prefer ones which are large and intimidating, generally favouring two-handed weapons. His most loved weapon is the Battle Axe.


Before the AcademyEdit

Being born into a sort of murderous cult of berserkers, Daemon grew up in a metaphorical bloodbath. Death was always around him, and because of this he has grown completely desensitized to it. He finds life completely meaningless, and only seeks fun. Through his time with the cult, he was raised for battle, partaking in many and slaughtering his fair share of people. In one battle, when he was only 15 years old, his cult was defeated by a similar bloodthirsty group. Slaughtered would be a more accurate term, as the enemies bathed in the blood of those they killed. Amused with Daemon's lack of concern, and his apparent amusement at how easily the cult that raised him was slain, they took him in to their religion.

He grew up under the learning of Toutenism. His barbaric upbringing was perfect for this, and he quickly grew through the murder he caused. His rituals, or so those who took him in believed, caused him to gain a power that manifested itself as a destructive power that he used to destroy and torment his victims without remorse.

Eventually he was visited by someone from the academy, obviously he had shown signs of being a summoner, and was invited to join the Academy. Amused by this, though seeing it as a sign from his gods, he accepted.

Entrance into AcademyEdit

Daemon first entered at the same time as Willfred Meesart, quickly and suprisingly becoming friends with each other. After this, he often clashed with whoever he met, often resulting in a fight. The most notable of these occurances was a time in the Common Room, in which Daemon assaulted and nearly killed Nemo Rose, but was stopped by Paraskeve and later Alistair.

Alistair's PunishmentEdit

Alistair punished Daemon by sending a pack of Timber Wolves to attack him. After dispatching the entire group with ease, Alistair noted that Daemon was too dangerous to leave alone. He made a deal with the Berserker, that the latter would only fight and kill outside of Arcanis. Which Daemon suprisingly accepted.

It was notable that Alistair in fact did not seem to mind what Daemon would do once he left Arcanis, even offering to train him to the point of Daemon being able to destroy a town by himself.

Red ClassEdit

Daemon entered the class by exchanging insults with a few of the students, before Nitara entered to set fire to the students. Daemon's attempt to stop this was to use lightning-bolt infused punches to smash out the flames, which didn't work that well. He endured the pain, however, and moved on to learn Pyroclasm. Before he casted it, he insulted Nitara unwittingly and ended up with the teacher casting a spell that covered him in a flamable substance.

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Black ClassEdit

In Black Class, Daemon entered by sitting on the teachers chair, with his feet on the table. Obviously not allowing this, the teacher sent him to a seat in the back. During his attempt to cast Cruel Edict, Daemon tried to order 'Los to obey his gods or face the consequences, which 'Los frowned upon and promptly detonated the man's arms. Nemo and Marius carried him to the hospital ward.

First Hospital VisitEdit

Daemon awoke soon after in the hospital wing, cursing 'Los as a heathen god and insulting the healers. Yugure managed to confuse him into submission, and stop his trashing so he could heal him. After his stay in the ward, he awoke with renewed arms and left, hoping never to return.

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Major BattlesEdit


  • Daemon has tried Cocaine, thanks to Yuu Wonderful.

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