Colsarius is a student of the Academy of Magic. Offspring of Harlorn the Faerie from a time past in the Academy.

Purpose at the Academy Edit

Colsarius came to the Academy to learn how to control his magic better, as well as to make his family and villiage proud of him. He was the third born in a family of 6 and as such was often neglected by his parents and his siblings as well as the general community. The few casters that live in Colsarius's villiage were mainly Green casters, which is what made Colsarius so strange when he found that his first ever spell was Red based. His Mother told him of Harlorn, his ancestor, and how he'd gone to an Academy of Magic to learn how to control magic for the purpose of eliminating Blue mages, who had destroyed the communities home in Ravnica before the exodus.

It was from here that Colsarius found his way back to Ravnica, where he spent much time training his skills and physically training himself to become a more powerful individual before he found a way to get to the Academy of Magic through a portal that had been established in the plane.

As Colsarius spends more and more time at the Academy, however, he's realising that his objectives and personal motives are changing. It is becoming less and less for his family, and more for his own sake. He's slowly coming to the realisation that it's to better himself, and also to seek more power.

Events Edit

Entrance into the Academy Edit

Colsarius didn't make an official appearance into the Academy, he appeared out of the darkness one day and slowly melded his way into the student populace. His initial reception was rocky at best, most see him as a nuisance and an annoying little twerp. This was justified due to his horrible social skills and the fact that he played pranks on everyone continually until people realised that he was a person. After a small peroid of sooking Col realised the error of his ways and once again is attempting to re-integrate himself into the student populance.

Becoming a Toutenist Edit

As Colsarius met Daemon more and more in passing he became more and more curious about Daemon's religion and his drive. This eventually led to Colsarius inquiring directly with the Berserker about his religion. Daemon answered Col's questions which only proceeded to make him more curious. The end result of this being that he eventually invited Daemon over to his room to learn as much about it as possible with a half-baked decision to join it in his head. After a few minutes of conversation Colsarius decided that he wanted to join the religion. Daemon supplied him with the knowledge of what he had to do, so Colsarius engaged a Treefolk in the forest outside of the Academy and killed it in sacrifice to Touten. Daemon completed the ritual for Colsarius, who had come along to watch out of boredom. Daemon supplied the ritual scroll that was needed for Colsarius to make the connection with Touten, and as far as Colsarius is concerned Daemon will be his 'priest' or inspiration for the religion. After making his connection with the Gods Colsarius became notably more obsessed with the idea of power and becoming a God. Colsarius, after much conflict decided to follow one particular Gods practice, Y'il'neck.

Trapped in the Academy with a Strange Presence and Students Edit

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Learning to ultilise Green Mana Edit

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Prior to entering the Academy Edit

The following is quoted directly from the website

" Colsarius is a prankster, a mischief maker, a trouble causer, an excellent student of military tactics and strategy, an even better brawler, despite his size, and a brilliant study for mana, particularly red mana. He enjoys humour in all it's forms and very much likes being the centre of attention, even if it's negative attention. He's an outgoing individual but at times he will crave solitude and find an air duct to sit in and contemplate in, or he will sit underneath a chair and quietly think to himself.

As he is so small he was often sought after as an intelligence agent; and a habit of his that has developed because of this, is the desire to eavesdrop and generally know what's going on around him at all times. He's been known to use spells to eavesdrop on people before, and he often spends time creeping around in the air ducts listening to peoples' secrets and ongoings. He is slightly arrogant in terms of his craft, and he is a rather egotistical being, as such he often finds himself in situations where he's in over his head, but he's always seemed to be able to slip through the cracks when a situation gets out of hand.

If ego was Colsarius's biggest flaw, then his ability to analyse situations is his strong point; He has a very strong intuition, and he's always believed himself a very good judge of character. In his hometown he tended to deal with shadier characters then he could usually choose to be around, but because of this he's developed the skills that he has as a person, or faerie in this case. While he can be highly unagreeable at times, if a person can earn his trust Colsarius can be as loyal as a dog, and will very willingly give his life to a true friend.

Colsarius is also a very brash person, and easy to anger, which is why his own skills as a warrior or brawler are well tuned. He often found himself in fights when a person would insult his size, or demeanour. Whenever somebody would mention that he was compensating for something he would often fly into a bloody rage and proceed to chip away at them with kicks, bites, punches, and whacks from his simple Bo staff, utilising his speed and size until the person begged submission. It is mainly because of this that his family has sent him to the Academy, in an attempt to teach him some discipline so that he could return one day as a powerful addition to the community, rather then a brash and impulsive and easy to aggravate child.

Colsarius is an appreciator of beauty, but is a minimalist in his way of living. He often carries all he needs in a simple shoulder bag, whether it be smoke pellets, playing cards, or other minor necessities. He often uses his little knowledge in magic to improve the size of the items he carries for the sake of those around him. However his mastery over magic in general is rather shallow, and he seeks to improve it for a great many more reasons then his family thinks.

The one thing that Colsarius loves the most in the world is a challenge, if faced with insurmountable odds he will often deliberate in quiet the best solution and find a way to earn a victory. Whether it be a magically warded wall when the gravity on the plane is 200 times the normal, or a battle situation where he is outnumbered 20 to 1 on a flat plain. It is for this reason that he has become a rather apt student of tactics and strategy, he is very good at the the game 'Chess' as people from the planet Earth call it, and enjoys playing other people who claim to be masters. Even if he would lose.

Overall Colsarius has good intentions, but he uses some methods that are questionable at best; He has no qualms with fighting dirty is the need arises, but he does have a personal honour system that he holds dear to himself, and he enjoys good company as much as he enjoys his quiet solitude. "

Since entering the Academy Edit

Since entering the Academy Colsarius has had a great many changes imposed on his character and personality. Not the least of which was his less then warm welcome by the general student population. Colsarius is an outgoing and loud individual, and has always believed that the best way to get to know people is to be louder and make more noise then them. Because of his own size he often found that to make it up and prove that what he said was as valid as anybody else in Ravnica he also found that pranks and explosions often brought much attention to the small little bastard with the big grin and a can of gas as well as matches. Colsarius has become more and more bitter and snide to most in the Academy since arriving, and has often found that he'd been wandering the corridors with no purpose and nothing to do. Boredom never sits well with Colsarius as he tends to find things to do, and when he finds things to do it generally turns into a mess... Or an explosion.

One budding friendship between himself and Daemon has influenced his personal beliefs a fair bit, and shaken most of what he'd believed in when it came to killing, and fighting in general. Colsarius appreciates Daemons straightforward nature and entertaning manner as well as the admiration for his strength, both mental and physical, when it came to brute force. What he does find annoying with Daemon's persona, however is the lack of subtelty that Colsarius so very much enjoys. Prior to meeting and spending time with Daemon Colsarius was very skeptical when it came to killing things, he always believed it to be a last resort and a hard decision. Upon listening to Daemons' rants about his God and other various topics along those lines Colsarius has decided to adapt some of Daemons personal philosophy to his own.

Colsarius still is very much a prankster at heart, but he has become much less caring about collatoral damage because of his pranks, both harmful to people and in terms of material posessions. He's also decided that a more timid approach will need to be taken if he's ever to get along with anybody at all in the Academy.

Personal History Edit

Prior to the Academy Edit

The following is quoted directly from the website

" Colsarius is Harlorn's long forgotten seed, before he left for the Academy he'd had a liaison with a particular faerie and she had borne child. That child grew up healthily, and had children of his own, and then another generation was born, and Colsarius is from the next generation after that. Faeries are relatively short-lived beings, so it didn't hurt too much when what was left of Harlorn's family heard that he'd died while training at the Academy. Colsarius is from a family of 6, 3 brothers and 2 sisters; Not including himself. He was the third born from his mother, and his family was rather lenient with him, as they tend to towards the middle of the generation. He got away with much as a child, and he always balanced play more then work. He often neglected his duties as a child to go out and explore and enjoy himself.

The faeries had abandoned Ravnica by the time the second generation had set in, a new town had been established in the tree's of an unknown forest on an unknown plane. All the faeries know is that they carve out a rather sumptuous lifestyle there, and the tree's seem endless. The area the forest covers is rather rocky and hilly. It was here that Colsarius seemed to spend more of his time at, rather then dangling in the tree's with his siblings. It was in a cave in that very forest that Colsarius first found his aptitude for manipulating mana.

He was only 17 at the time, he had almost reached physical maturity for a faerie of his village, and he was enjoying the time he had been given in the afternoon to rest and relax. He'd entered the cave with the hope that he could soak up the last rays of sunlight in the relative shelter of the cave, when suddenly something spoke to him deeper inside of the cave. He'd shrugged and gone further in, deciding that if it was dangerous he had his Bo Staff on him and could beat it in should the need arise. As he slowly went deeper he realised that the calling wasn't somatic, it was a deeper calling, something fundamental in his being wanted him to be in there and he was simply interpreting it as a physical call. Slightly perturbed he stopped, and it was there that he cast his first spell. A simple shock spell that did nothing of consequence. Suddenly he'd felt the need to move his hands in a certain way, and manipulate the very essence of the hill around him. When the simple bolt of lightning escaped his fingertips he was simply amazed and stared at his hands for a long time. Then he did it again, this time with more force behind it; Enough to dislodge small rocks from the roof of the cave. Astounded he'd gone back home and told his family of the events.

The family took the news with a mixture of shock and decisive action. They decided to find a way to send him back to Ravnica so that he could continue the study of his art, as the guilds there were the only thing that had survived the exodus in terms of lore for the faeries. They engineered a way to get him back to the plane; After much expense and research. And Colsarius found his way to the guild oriented system that was Ravnica. It was here he learnt how to survive in a harsh and unforgiving world. He was a free agent in a world that was dominated by the guilds, and he gave all he was worth to whoever would buy his services. He learnt how to fight, he learnt of his love of challenges, he learnt strategies and tactics for survival as well as for commanding others. He got into fights in the many few taverns scattered around Ravnica and was taught the hard way how to survive in the world. He grew to resent yet appreciate his families efforts to teach him how to control and learn more magic, but he felt that because he was too busy trying to survive he couldn't learn anything new about spellcasting that he didn't already have a grasp on.

It was chance that he heard about the Academy. He overheard that a portal had been established to an Academy that taught mana control and spells to any student willing to enter and obey the rules. So he packed up, made his way to the portal, and entered the Academy with hopes of improving himself and impressing his family when he finally did return home. "

After entering the Academy Edit

Colsarius spent the first few months of his time at the Academy learning what he could, exploring the place, and getting used to his new home. The only REAL study he has undergone to date is some one on one tutition with the Green master Alistair. Alistair taught him how to connect with green mana and taught him a couple of basic green spells.

Relationships with others at the Academy Edit

Colsarius isn't very well liked or known around the Academy. The few people that he has interacted with to date are listed below.




Rigel Crusher

Nemo Rose



Quinn 314

Serina Twilight


(More to come)

Magic Edit

Colsarius is largely a Red caster who has an aptitude for Green mana. If his personality keeps degrading the way it is presently at the Academy it is likely that he will also develop an affinity for Black mana and casting. He moulds mana mentally and seldom ever physically brings raw mana into existance. The only exception to this is when he is summoning a creature or Enchantment, as he believes that every permanent that remains in play needs a physical connection, and one cannot just pluck something out of the Aether. So he moulds a 'body' for the spell before implimenting the 'personality' of it.

Decklist Edit

Red Elemental Blast
Choose one - Counter target blue spell; or destroy target blue permanent.

Lightning Bolt - R
Deals 3 Damage to target Creature or Player

Shock - R
Deals 2 Damge to target Creature or Player

Giant Strength - RR
Enchantment - Aura (Back in my day it was creature)
Enchanted creature gets +2/+2

Rockslide Ambush 1R
Rockslide Ambush deals damage equal to the number of Mountains you control to target creature.

Kird Ape - R
Creature - Ape
Kird Ape gets +1/+2 as long as you control a Forest.

Toxic Iguanar - R
Creature - Lizard
Toxic Iguanar has deathtouch as long as you control a green permanent. (Whenever it deals damage to a creature, destroy that creature.)

Pyroblast - R
Choose one - Counter target spell if it's blue; or destroy target permanent if it's blue.

Seal of Fire - R
Sacrifice Seal of Fire: Seal of Fire deals 2 damage to target creature or player.

Giant Growth - G

Target creature gets +3+3 until end of turn.

Fighting Style Edit

Colsarius is known to fight using a combination of Spellcasting, Tactics, Physical attacks, and Hiding techniques. He is quite a strong fighter, despite his size as he spent much of his spare time in Ravnica in bars cheating people at cards. Colsarius is very handy with his Bo Staff, and will often use it to attack joints in a way that usually causes breakage or incredible pain for little effort. Eg. Attacking kneecaps from the front.

Colsarius's spellcasting is similar in that respect as well due to his strong lineup of quickly cast spells, and spells that can be utilised well if hidden. Col knows full well that he's small, and he uses this to his maximum potential whenever he is engaged.


When dueling with magic Colsarius prefers straightforward assault. He will often rely on a strong creature base and some minor burn and buff to topple the enemy's resistance. If that doesn't work then Colsarius simply puts up as much of a good fight as he can.

Whenever Colsarius isn't in a dueling situation, however, he will utilise their spells when they are best to be used. He will often cast his quicker spells in conjunction with melee attacks and blows, and it's not uncommon that he'll charge his Bo Staff with a Shock or a Lightning Bolt before striking somebody with it. He will often use his buff spells on himself to give him an advantage that most people never anticipate. Despite his size Colsarius can also manage a 5' Bo Staff as efficiently as it's smaller companion, even when he's his normal size. Colsarius's creatures are often used as distractions or as a means to even the tables if Colsarius's buffing isn't enough to win the fight. If all else fails Colsarius will often duck undercover and cast a few of his more potent spells from the underbrush where it's hard to detect him.

Physical Edit

Colsarius is a master of his Bo Staff and prides himself on being one of the greatest fliers in the world that he's met to date. He's fast, has quick movements, and has trained for years with his Bo Staff. He is a master at utilising his speed and Bo Staff expertise on human sized creatures and even larger creatures with similar physical makeup. Col will often zip in between peoples legs, sit in blind spots when in need of safety, and fly out of reach when he is in potential danger. However, most of the time he will utilise his speed and will strike people in vulnerabale exposed places on their body, from the kneecap to the elbow to the shin to the nape of the neck to the inner thigh and groin to name a small few.

Trivia Edit

  • Colsarius hates being knocked out of the air. Most of the time he'll descend into a berserker rage where he will cast various spells as quickly as possible to cause as much harm as possible.
  • Colsarius enjoys cheating people at cards, this used to be his main source of income when he was in Ravnica when spy work was hard to come by.
  • Colsarius spent much time with the Gruul on Ravnica.
  • Colsarius knows a few small sleight of hand tricks, such as palming various small objects and making things seem to 'dissapear'.
  • Colsarius's Bo Staff is made of hardened oak and the end is actually steel tipped and painted masterfully the same colour as the rest of the staff.
  • Colsarius has spent his entire life mastering his own flight capablities, he is easily the best flier in his villiage and there were few in Ravnica that could keep up to him in speed and trickieness through the streets.