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Bell Giem is a student at the Academy of Magic. She is a self proclaimed zealot and causes more religious conflict in the academy than anybody else. She has been noted for her long distance sleepwalking although that has not happened in the academy yet.


Upon arriving at the academy:[]

You will never see this woman in anything apart from white and never in anything as heavy as light armor. She always wears white robes that she wears as a dress, anything else and she stands as a potential victim to divine punishment.

She wears a hair net made out of fish string and pearls, as her religion indicates the pearls represent her faith in the gods she worships. She is white skinned as though she has never been in the sun although she still maintains some brown in her skin. She has dark brown hair that flows over her dress past the shoulders and contrasts her pearls and dress.

She holds herself up straight to a height of 6 feet, her slim body a result of the diet of only vegetables and fish her religion demands she takes. The majority of her body is hidden in her modest dress which she refuses to remove.

She has dark blue eyes that stare with more empathy and sympathy than anything evil. She inspects people as though they are all disadvantaged in which she knows they are for they are not in touch with her gods.
Her hands are curiously pierced at the tips of the fingertips where she wears ivory rings with pearls as gemstones. This is a reminder for her that if she raises a hand to slap a person she will hurt herself more than the other person.

Since the academy:[]

She can sometimes be seen with yolk on her dress as she has encounters with other characters that do not favor her white dress. She has been seen before without her finger rings. She still has a slim look as she maintains her diet of vegetables and fruit. She still wears an attire that contrasts her hair color, although she does not stand straight as much as she used to anymore because she is now constantly aware of her surroundings.


Upon arriving at the academy:[]

Nothing disgusts Bell more than trivial and evil magic’s. If she senses black magic and blue magic to some extent she will try her best to combat it in the ways that she sees fit which is not always through violence but rather through live and let live. Although she does try to make the point that she is better of than the evil magic users she does it through subtle hints.

After an encounter that she is not happy with Bell always prays to the gods and then claps her hands afterward. This habit has always been with her ever since she has joined the monastery, to remind her of the pain of raising her hands against an opponent. Her diet of only vegetables and fish gets in her way of enjoying herself at celebrations, because she can’t drink alcohol she avoids stupid risks.

Little needs to be said to understand that she is pure in heart and body. Relationships are only between her and her gods and that is the way that it will stay for the rest of her life or until divine inspiration says otherwise.

Her most uttered words are “I forgive you” being that she sees almost every use of everything as a sin. She refuses to do things that may seem normal to some people easily causing controversy within groups. She does not believe in “greater good” but more believes in “the right way to do it” this includes if an ally is using black magic to stop an army killing millions of people she will still oppose the black magic however she sees fit.

Since the academy:[]

Her disgust for trivial and evil magic lead her to many sticky situations with other students. Some of the students in the academy are black users and the rest throw magic around like it's a hot potato. She in this sense despises almost every student in the academy with small exceptions. Her biggest change to her personality comes from her first encounter with other students which lead her to the hospital wing. Now she is aware of the dangers of the academy.

She has resolved but to no avail yet, to improve her physical and mental conditions so that she can counter some of the troublesome irks that happen around her. She is at the moment making more enemies than friends.


Arrival into the academy[]

Bell suffered a heart attack in her first appearance into the academy. Her first encounter was with Paraskeve who promptly trampled her and splattered her egg over Bell's white dress. This was followed by the arrival of Rigel Crusher who helped her up and was friendly to her with his mannerisms. Colsarius followed in suit by offering to remove the egg white from her dress.  However he did so by shooting a Pyroblast at Bell which in turn assisted with her heart attack. Rigel countered the Pyroblast with a simple counterspell and removed the stains with a flick of mana. Nemo Rose appeared at the scene who promptly scared Bell with a rat which Bell tried to remove by slapping it. Nemo caught Bell's hand and threatened to kill her. This created a cardiac arrest in Bell and sent her to the hospital wing.

Hospital Wing[]

Bell debated for a lengthly time with Paraskeve in the hospital wing over religion. Bell received healing by Yugure by using red mana, Bell had a reaction and made further conflict within the hospital wing. When Bell woke up rifts between Paraskeve and Bell were revealed as they had a discussion over religion and purity.

A Practical Joke[]

The practical joke was played on many students in the academy, by the offering of "free" food and "free" drinks. Bell did not drink or eat anything but sparked conflict by throwing Daemon in platypus form against the brick wall. Bell had no prior knowledge of Daemon and had no idea who he was. The incident resolved with sparks flying from Daemon towards Bell but not the other way around.

Conversation with Nemo[]

Nemo called Bell over for a small talk. Differences between Bell and Nemo were revealed when Bell admitted that she did not like him as a person or an enemy. She was pleased when she found out he was going to die, and he showed little resolve to attempt to get better. Nemo in the midst of emotions threw his medication at Bell and leaving her with the choice to save his life or let him die. Bell ignored the request in a state of ignorance and left the medication lying on the floor. Nemo's boyfriend Tek recovered the medication and saved Nemo's life.

The Great Portal[]

Bell had a bad attitude when she had met the Godking. She tried her best to undermine the Godking which caused tension in the group. The Godking in a state of vanity paid no heed to Bell and the plot continued without hitch. When Bell next meets with the Godking she will further attempt to undermine his power and try to reveal his weakness to other students.


Bell attempted to gather information about the other students in the school by creating a false confessional. She succeeded in gathering useful information about Scharl Octavia but was thwarted when Paraskeve entered the confessional and undermined her operation. She revealed Bell's attempted plot to the other students, but to no avail. Yuu Wonderful had set fire to the confessional destroying all traces of evidence that Bell was spying on them. As the blaze was escalating Nemo entered the confessional to confess his sins, he did not manage to confess his sins as he was talking to a raging inferno.

Bell escaped the booth with Paraskeve in hot pursuit. Bell ran into Windsor Kiory and was caught up in an unfavourable situation between Windsor, Paraskeve and Rigel. An argument erupted between Bell and Paraskeve with Rigel and Windsor in the middle. Yuu Wonderful took this chance to have revenge on Nemo by sending two of his goblins at him. The goblins did not reach their target as they were shot down by Mason Dolloy. The event ended with Bell having troubled relationships with Paraskeve and with information on Scharl.



Bell has had only one relationship with one substitute teacher Miku Yamada. In this class she had impressed her teacher with her homework receiving an A+


Bell has many relationships with many students.

Bell does not like:

  • Nemo Rose who had given her a heart attack on her first encounter, since the heart attack only arguments have arisen between the two individuals, he has also been suspected (falsely) for setting fire to her confessional
  • Colsarius who had shot fire at her on her first encounter
  • Daemon Metzger for unknown to her ripped out her finger ring in which she responded by throwing him against the wall.
  • Paraskeve who ruined her chance for gathering information about other students, furthermore ruining her leverage in the academy.

Bell respects:

  • Windsor Kiory for seeming to side with her in the confessional.
  • Rigel Crusher who had also been nice to her on her first day, this is in jepordy now since the confessional incident.

Abilities and Powers[]

Bell does not hold any significant ability that gives her an edge in the academy. She can gather white mana and has an extended view over religion. However her view is seen as narrow minded as she only has room for her own religion.

She has the most notable power to turn any conversation into a religious debate, she has never had a real fight before so her combat abilities are mostly hidden from view.


Before the academy[]

Pure in every form, her belief in the gods did not go unrewarded. From the age of 5 she led a normal life when she received a dream. She awoke in a monastery far away; nobody saw her moving the many kilometers it took her to move. She concluded although not certain that she must have sleep-walked all the way over to the front of the monastery. Confused and afraid she could not remember her dream and she entered the monastery seeking assistance.

The monks in the monastery could not gather from her the address or name of the girl for she was terrified of the strangers. They took her in and gave her the name Bell Giem, Bell for the bell she rung to enter the monastery and Giem for being attracted to the gemstones of the monastery. She grew 12 more years into the monastery living in pure zealous nature, remaining pure throughout her teenage years.

Upon living at the monastery Bell made a connection the gods worshiped and prayed for them at least 3 hours a day. The gods rewarded her by giving her some mana and the ability to cast basic spells. Through the devotion of the gods nothing got in the way of becoming a better person and believing in the ways of righteousness and justice. For this reason she despises the evil magic’s and the trivial magic’s beyond anything, seeing it as a way on fulfilling what the gods have planned without the belief.

Bell took particular interest to angels and seeing them as divine creations of Bell that do the gods will in ways that are similar to her. She vowed to learn more about the angels and their ways of communicating to the gods.
On her 17th birthday she had a dream, she awoke to find herself in the grounds confronting a very impressive door. She started to panic and entered through the door quickly forgetting the dream. She later finds out that it is the academy of magic and starts to believe that divine inspiration had led her dreams to the places of her destiny. She now resolves to do the gods will and continue praying to the gods and smiting evil and trivial magic where it lay.

Since arriving to the academy[]

When she arrived at the academy she was first met by Paraskeve the egg bearer who had trampled her and splattered yolk all over her dress. Since then Rigel Crusher and Colsarius appeared and whilst Paraskeve apologised Colsarius offered to "help" with her mess by burning it off. Rigel Crusher countered the pyroblast and removed it in a more subtle way. After the commotion was almost over Nemo Rose appeared carrying a rat on his shoulder. This freaked Bell out and happened to try to slap it off him, this encounter concluded with Bell in the hospital wing.

Daemon Metzger


  • Bell doesn't have anybody that trusts her 100% yet.
  • Bell is responsible for many attacks on Nemo and has not yet apologized.
  • Bell is weak against any form of attack apart from black magic where she has minimum protection.
  • Bell is planning to destroy a select number of students in the academy although she has not initiated any plans yet.
  • Bell has made many vows to become stronger and to eliminate all black users in the academy as well as outside the academy.
  • Because the majority of the academy is based on black magic Bell opposes the academy as a whole