Arcanis is an artificial plane on which the Academy of Magic is located. The plane is comprised of one planet which contains all five terrains corresponding to the five colours of mana.

What the planet is composed ofEdit

The planet is composed of a Pangaea-esque supercontinent surrounded on all sides by the ocean. Each of the Keepers created the land types corresponding to their colours.

Charles made the ocean calm and peaceful, but quick to anger and with a terrible wrath. The oceans are filled with a myriad of creatures, ranging from merfolk to homarids. The Mirroding Vedalken have a large underwater city within the oceans. Every so often, one can see the crest of a Sea Serpent breaking through the waves. Birds of all shapes and sizes nest in the cliffs overlooking the ocean.

Most of the north of the continent is occupied by vast expanses of rolling plains. Erik tried to vary the scenery, switching from long wavy grass to dry, cracked earth, lonely deserts filled with mesas, wild patches of weeds, as well as acres of cultivated fields. Erik populated the fields with many different white creature types, such as avens and Leonin. Feeling he needed to acknowledge all planes of the Multiverse, Erik also included Kitsunes and minor Kami in the population of the plains.

The plains meet up with an immense forest that coveres the west of the continent. From the air, the forest appears to be nothing but an unbroken sea of foliage that stretches out as far as the eye can see. Trees of all species grow in the forest and the underbrush is littered in leaves of various shapes and sizes. Khell modelled the forest after Yavimaya, feeling that a touch of home would be welcome. The woods are populated with Elves, Wurms, wild beasts, Orochi, Treefolk, and insects of varying shapes and sizes

A tremendous mountain range with many snow-capped peaks runs across the south-west of the continent. Eva lovingly designed the jagged peaks, abrupt cliffs, deep crevices, and smooth canyons that comprised the mountain range. She also created several volcanoes, most of them dormant with only a slight plume of smoke rising from the crater differentiating them from the regular mountains. Eva is particularly proud of one giant extinct volcano whose colossal size is immortalized by its name, Mount Olympus. Eva created a few active volcanoes in addition to the dormant ones, just to shake things up a bit. Goblins make up the primary population of the mountains, but their large numbers is only to serve as food for the dragons, beasts and ogres that also inhabit the rocky crags of the range. As well, she threw in some barbarians, elementals, Kavu, Minotaurs and of course,Atogs. No mountain is complete without a few Atogs.

The mountains gradually flatten out before turning into acres of festering marshlands. Arrathir designed the swamps to be the darkest, most desolate place on the plane. The swamps start gradually as the ground becomes more humid and the vegetation turns to small bushes and reeds. Eventually, the ground turns into mires where one can easily sink and disappear forever if they do not watch their step. Skeletal trees grow on all sides, extending their bony branches, as if to grab unwary travelers. At places, the canopy is so thick that the sunlight barely filters through, casting the ground into eternal darkness. The swamps contains many zombies, demons, and horrors. A few tribes of Nezumi and some shades also inhabit the dark recesses of the swamp.

Where the five lands meet, at the apex of all magical energies of the plane, stands the Academy of Magic.

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